Mission, vision and values


Offering an integrated debt recovery service and achieving the satisfaction of our clients, involving the staff at the company in a suitable environment and increasing the value of the company sustained by a policy of commitment and responsibility by and for our clients.


Optimising the process from amicable management up to the judicial stage and being recognised as a model of business with the highest debt recovery rates in the industry.


  • Motivation

    We work to accomplish high motivation levels for each of the members of Lucania, collaborating in a positive and enthusiastic environment and involving all people at our organisation in achieving the results of the company with the purpose of converting this attitude into satisfaction for our end clients.

  • Productivity

    We seek differentiation from our competitors by offering efficient management and pursuing the best relationship between resources and tasks via the specialisation of the service we are providing to clients and by carrying out a constant improvement analysis of the capacity of our human and technology resources.

  • Commitment

    Our relationships seek the best degree of commitment to our clients, suppliers, employees and/or collaborators to create long-term links within an environment of trust and conducting our activities under the maxims of integrity, justice and confidentiality.

  • Quality

    Quality is our guideline to attain excellence for all areas and services at Lucania, and this is why we have the total engagement of the entire organisation, with a system of processes and constant improvement reflecting the drive to succeed, with efficiency and dedication, in satisfying our clients’ requirements.

  • Respect for people

    People are our commitment. All our actions take place in the framework of respect for our clients, suppliers, debtors and, in particular, our employees, fostering equal opportunities, training, motivation, reconciliation of work and personal life and the concern for constant development and internal promotion.