Policy highlights

For Lucania, CSR provides a framework between companies and societies, laying the foundations of growth which is sustainable, harmonic and respectful with human and social values. Proof of CSR can be found at Lucania in policies and strategy designs the degree of fulfilment of which can be assessed and concerns all of our stakeholder groups.
The main policies implemented over the past years at Lucania in connection with our stakeholders are the following:


  • Lucania provides its clients a responsible and competitive service therefore implementing in respect of these clients a constant commitment to research, development and innovation (R&D+i), including ethical, labour, social and environmental criteria in rendering its service.
  • Quality in rendering the service seeks the achievement of the utmost satisfaction for our clients.
  • Every year client satisfaction surveys are completed, analysing the results and setting the relevant improvement measures into motion.


  • Lucania Gestión offers its employees motivating labour conditions in agreement with applicable legal regulations. Our commitment is to respect and comply with all labour legislation and to require our suppliers and subcontractors to fulfil our principles.
  • We are committed to internal promotion and to ensuring equal opportunities among all employees.
  • We have a people development system based on skills seeking the best person-position alignment at all times.
  • Lucania has an Equality Plan guaranteeing that all human resources processes are based on the Principle of non-discrimination: Training, Selection, Promotion, and Compensation.
  • Lucania is committed to employee training and offers an Annual training and development plan – on a labour and personal level – adjusted to employees’ needs.
  • Survey to monitor the labour climate.
  • Lucania we offer a variety of opportunities to foster work and personal life reconciliation, including actions such as: Telework, flexible hours, family support, etc.
  • We are committed to youth employment:
    • Entrepreneurship and youth employment strategy seal. Lucania Gestión has joined the Strategy for Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment fostered by the Ministry for Employment and Social Security, thus reinforcing its commitment to personal and professional development of youth.
    • Santander SMEs Programme, CRUE, CEPYME, Agora Funding. Programme oriented to completing the training of students from Spanish universities, bringing them closer to the reality of their professional arena, extending their knowledge and favouring their contact with companies that can facilitate their labour integration.
    • Inicia Programme managed by the Fundación Rafael del Pino and the Global Compact Network Spain. The purpose of this initiative is to bring business reality closer to Secondary School students enrolled in the education centres of the Region of Madrid. In this action, students are accompanied in a reflection on the importance of acting in agreement with the principles of corporate sustainability fostered by the Global Compact Network Spain.
  • Fundacion Prodis We support people with intellectual disabilities. Lucania Gestión continues to support integration of people with intellectual disabilities and this is why it is collaborating with Prodis, a Foundation committed to people with intellectual disabilities, assisting them in their personal development and labour integration, working to attain a society fostering respect, solidarity and justice.
  • Lucania Gestión is concerned about its employees, and it promotes health and sport through its Motivation Committee: free fruit every Monday at the office, physiotherapy on Tuesdays, and an athletics and football team.


For years Lucania has a commitment to society, proof of which is found in a series of local actions with the purpose of fostering these links.
Sport is one of the identity signs of the organisation. Team spirit, effort, perfection, precision and a desire to excel are values promoted and fostered by Lucania among its employees. The company supports a variety of sports projects, including the football team of employees competing in the local league and participation of employees in solidarity marathons.

Lucania supports and fosters entrepreneurship for youth with its collaboration with the Fundación máshumano and INJUVE in the máshumano Young Entrepreneurs Youth Prizes.


We have responsible procurement policies drawn up including supplier assessment criteria dealing with ethical, labour, social and environmental aspects.


Lucania shares meeting forums with its competitors and for the exchange of experiences. It is a member of ANGECO and FENCA


  • The relationship of Lucania with its investors is governed by the guiding principles of transparency, loyalty and creation of value in a sustainable way.
  • Lucania shall formalise a protocol of relationships with investors or Code of Good Governance.
  • Lucania makes its annual financial statements public and accessible.


Lucania Gestión’s Quality and Environment Policy fosters, among other actions, an efficient and responsible use of available resources within our organisation permitting compliance with Standard ISO 14001, guaranteeing respect for the environment.


“Lucania Solidaria” is a social action project fostered by employees of the organisation under the management of the CSR Department, whereby volunteering and cooperation programmes are implemented with a series of not-for-profit Associations and NGOs for the purpose of assisting the less fortunate, devoting such aid to projects on a national and an international level.

These programmes allow employees at the company to find realisation on a personal and on a professional level and are an opportunity to create a more human climate. Inside the organisation, there are many people wishing to be involved and committed to less fortunate collectives and, therefore, the company fosters the project “Lucania Solidaria”.