Ethical management and CSR

Lucania Gestión wants to rise to the challenge of sustainability and this is why it has voluntarily committed to ethical and socially responsible management.
Sustainability has become an umbrella term encompassing many of the current concerns of society. This is why Lucania includes mechanisms within its practices to gather information on the motivations of its stakeholders (clients, suppliers, people within the organisation, etc.) and act in advance.
Lucania Gestión has a commitment to interest in three essential elements:

  • Integration in the strategy and procedures of the organisation
  • Promoting dialogue and awareness of the expectations of stakeholders
  • Fostering transparency and communication with the publication of a threefold income statement (economic, social and environmental)

For Lucania CSR is also a factor supporting competitiveness and innovation. Firstly, because it means taking steps ahead towards the development of management and increasing social recognition. Secondly, because as part of their own CSR policies, our clients – Financial Entities and Investment Funds – increasingly require more CSR criteria from suppliers and contractors. The third reason is that with the extension of a culture of CSR and sustainability in society, citizens expect companies to demonstrate the adoption of a responsible management model.