Cookie Policy

Definition of cookies and their purpose

Cookies are defined as small text files downloaded on the browser of the device (computer, mobile telephone, tablet, etc.) of a given user when browsing a website, application or computer platform.
Cookies offer significant advantages in the provision of information society services as they facilitate and speed up Internet browsing and they also assist us in improving the quality of the services offered to our users. Cookies, among other purposes, allow the storage and recovery of information on the browsing habits of users and their devices, and this lets us know whether the pages or utilities of a website, application or platform are useful or not to assist in their improvement; depending on the information that cookies contain and the way in which a device is used, cookies may also be used to recognise users.

Types of cookies used on this website

Classed by the manager
– Own cookies: These are sent to the user’s device from a device or domain managed by LUCANIA GESTION S.L. providing the service requested by the user.
– Third-party cookies: These are sent to the user’s device from a device or domain not managed by LUCANIA GESTION S.L., which is managed by third parties.

Classed by the time for which they remain active
– Session cookies: These are temporary and remain on the user’s browser until the user leaves the website, application or platform. The goal of these cookies is to facilitate and speed up browsing.
– Persistent cookies: These cookies allow information to be saved on the user’s device and access is available for the time provided by the party responsible for the cookie, which ranges from a few minutes to years.

Classed by their purpose

– Technical cookies: These cookies allow users to browse a website, application or platform.
– Personalisation cookies: These cookies allow users to access certain features of the service which are generally pre-set characteristics, for instance, the language, the type of browser used for access, etc.
– Analytics cookies: The cookies are used to count the number of users on a site and therefore to carry out measurements and statistical analyses of the activity on websites, applications or platforms and to create user browsing profiles, with the purpose of making improvements.

The own cookies of LUCANIA GESTION S.L. used on this website are technical and personalisation cookies, which could then become session and persistent cookies. In agreement with Article 22.2 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, the aforementioned own cookies of LUCANIA GESTION S.L. can be served without requiring consent from users.

Deletion of cookies

Users can restrict, block or delete cookies installed on their devices by configuring the options of the browser(s) installed on their device. When cookies were not enabled on their browsers, users may not be able to access some of our sections or tools or may even be unable to browse.
If your device uses the Internet Explorer, you can access information on blocking or allowing the use of cookies on the following link:
If your device uses Firefox, you can view information on enabling and disabling the use of cookies here:
Should your device use the Google Chrome browser, you can read information on blocking or deleting the cookies here:
If you are an Opera user, the information on how to block or delete the use of cookies is available on the following link:
Finally, Safari browser users can find information on blocking or removing cookies on this link:

Personal data protection

The company has a confidentiality policy in respect of data provided by users and commits to the protection of the above. This protection is further extensive to any matters concerning the collection and use of information provided via the Internet.
Therefore, LUCANIA GESTION S.L. guarantees – in the terms set forth under Organic Law 15/1999, dated 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) – that it shall afford confidential treatment to personal data of users, and that the server on which the data is stored and processed is endowed with the security measures required to avoid access by unauthorised third parties.
For these purposes, LUCANIA GESTION S.L. guarantees that it has adopted the relevant technical and organisational security measures for its facilities, systems and files, in agreement with the provisions laid down under Royal Decree 1720/2007, approving security measures applicable to files containing personal data and other implementation regulations (RLOPD). However, LUCANIA GESTIÓN S.L. may communicate personal data or any other information included in its files to the competent public authorities using its computer systems, when the above was requested in agreement with the applicable provisions set forth under the law and regulations in each case.
In compliance with the provisions set forth in the LOPD and RLOPD, whenever personal data is requested from a given user of a website for processing, such user shall be informed at least on the identity and processor of the data, the purpose for which data is being gathered and the rights of LUCANIA GESTION S.L.; user data shall be used for the purposes requested.
LUCANIA GESTION S.L. provides users the appropriate technical resources to ensure that, prior to the granting of their personal data, they can access the Privacy policy warning or any other relevant information and that, where applicable and appropriate, they can give their consent for the processing of personal data.
Users can exercise rights to access, oppose, amend and cancel data. To do the above, they should address LUCANIA GESTION S.L. by sending an email to

Links to

Users are strictly prohibited from making any amendments on the website that could impact its contents, including links and similar items.
Furthermore, links to this website from websites or other media contrary to the law, to morality, to public security or violating the reputation or image of LUCANIA GESTION S.L or any of its distinctive signs are also prohibited.
Links to any of the pages of this website not breaching any of the aforementioned prohibitions shall fulfil the following requirements:
Users must be aware that they are accessing this website and, additionally, their browsers shall reveal the relevant URL to the pages linked.

Procedure in the case of illicit actions

LUCANIA GESTION S.L. ensures that the contents of this website do not have a pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist or defamatory nature and that violence is not encouraged. It further guarantees the avoidance of any circumstances that may be damaging for users.
Should users or third parties consider that there are events or circumstances revealing an illicit use of any contents and/or the performance of any activities on the websites included on or accessible via this website and, in particular, that there is a violation of industrial or intellectual property rights, a notice shall be sent to LUCANIA GESTION S.L. containing the following information:
– Personal details of the person making the complaint: name, address, telephone and email. Details of the activity purported to be illicit and the accurate and specific account of the protected contents, in addition to details on their location on the websites.
– When a violation of rights had been committed: personal data of the holder of the rights allegedly violated, or of the person authorised to represent the abovementioned person and sign on their behalf.
– There shall also be an express and clear statement, made under the responsibility of the party making the complaint, declaring that the notice is accurate and confirming that the use of the contents or the performance of the activities claimed is illicit.