Lucania Gestión is a reference company in the debt-recovery industry and integrated collection management.See more


Lucania Gestión operates in the entire National territory, from our corporate HQ, situated in the North of the city of Madrid (Spain), in the township of San Sebastián de los Reyes.See more

Lucania commitment

El modelo de gestión de LUCANIA GESTIÓN se basa en el compromiso de la organización y de todas las personas que formamos parte de su equipo con la gestión ética y socialmente responsableSee more


Prestigious national organizations have placed their trust in us.See more


Lucania Gestión is an Associated member of ANGECO (Spanish Association of Collection Management Organizations), and also is a member of FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Associations).See more


In Lucania we focus our efforts on the immediate debt-recovery. We have the best professionals and a dynamic management model based on an efficient methodology.See more

Comprehensive Management

Lucania Gestión covers the entire cycle of Comprehensive ManagementSee more

Amicable Collection Management

The management and recovery of debts using amicable procedures is a differentiating element versus our competitorsSee more

Court-based collection management

In order to make procedures swifter Lucania Gestión has a national network of solicitors and lawyers who manage any type of legal proceedings for debt recoverySee more

Legal Counseling

Lawyers at Lucania Gestión have the best tools to ensure optimal and efficient case management, and conduct their proceedings with a guarantee of quality management.See more

Advice on Portfolio Acquisition

We have a specialist team at our disposal who will always provide you customized and thorough advice on the valuation and acquisition of debt portfoliosSee more

Specialization in Big Tickets

The Big Ticket team at Lucania concentrates on excelling at collection and judicial management, gaining an in-depth knowledge on the entire progress of the file since its formal creation, including payments and breaches, until securing successful collection with the partnership of: a Senior Agent and a Senior Lawyer.

  • Study of the balance sheet and income statement
  • Establishment of operating cash flows
  • Detailed analysis of solvencies: moveable and immoveable assets
  • Extrajudicial negotiation of files in the judicial stage and/or creditor agreement phase
  • Company relationships and managing officers
  • Customised strategy for each file